Pregnancy MOT

An ante natal check from a specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist.

What is a Pregnancy MOT?

The Pregnancy MOT is available after your 12 week scan. It can help to reduce pregnancy related aches and pain and bladder issues and also help you to learn how to reduce complications of childbirth such as urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

What is included:

The 60 minute appointment includes assessment, treatment and management advice for the following:

Pelvic Floor Function: Learn to engage and relax your pelvic floor correctly. This includes an optional internal assessment and you can also learn perineal massage in preparation for labour if suitable.

Abdominal Function: Advice regarding tummy gap / bulging / coning and how to use your core muscles during pregnancy.

Labour Preparation: Advice on positioning during labour.

Exercise Advice: Advice to help keep you active / exercising during pregnancy. The current guidelines encourage that you continue with 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise per week.

Pregnancy related aches and pains: including pelvic girdle pain, back pain, rib pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Your Pregnancy MOT Physiotherapist

Ruth has undertaken specialist training in assessing and treating pregnancy related conditions and is also a Pregnancy Yoga Instructor which also helps influence her advice and treatment.


Initial Appointment
60 minute appointment  – £70

Follow Up Appointments
45 minutes – £50